Keeping Rodents Out of Your Vehicle

Rodents like to find places that provide a safe place to build a home and too often this place in under your hood or in your trunk. Once there, they can do a lot of damage to hoses, wires and even the engine. Come to Jaguar of Peoria and see how we can help you keep rodents out of your vehicle.

If you make your vehicle unattractive to rodents, they’ll be less likely to invade your vehicle. Applying deterrent tape to various areas under the hood will definitely make it unappealing to rodents. You can also use deterrent sprays. If you still have an issue with rodents, consider setting small, humane traps around your vehicle.

Call us or stop in at our shop. We can offer you a variety of ideas on how to prevent rodent damage and are also available to service your vehicle.



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